A breif Introduction

Who am I?

For starters, I still cannot answer that question. I will say I lead with love, before I speak to a person I decide if their energy is worth my love- my unconditional, unbiased, open hearted love. Well, that is a gift and a cure. I’m pretty much what the dictionary would call an introverted recluse. I added the recluse because I stay inside as much as possible. I believe that if I don’t put myself out there to get hurt, then I won’t. My home is my safe haven.

Im here to talk about what nobody wants to talk about, the taboo parts of our lives- depression, suicide, and most of all self harm.

We are all given the same 24 hours to preform to the best of our abilities and we do the best that we can with what we can.

I no longer resent suicide, because I have thought about it myself. There is always a deeper root as to the logic that gets a person to that ending. Believe it or not, it can be something so small just like it could be something so big.

For me, in my family mental health problems are considered taboo and to talk about them is even worse because you are bringing outsiders into what’s going on on the inside and that’s just shunned.

As a culture we have to set standards higher than those set before us, we have to address the things that scare us the most because your strength comes from your toughest battles.


-so with all of that being said, again I ask who am I?

I am a young lady with a crazy life and crazy thoughts. I want to help as many people as I can because I don’t ever want anyone to feel the way I have/do feel.

I am 23, I’ve been diagnosed with a slew of different things most recently MDD and ptsd. Crazy thing is I never thought I’d be so depressed that I wouldn’t eat and all I’d do is sleep but I became that person. I didn’t comb my hair I just exsisted as a being with no purpose. I now still don’t know who I am, I still have the craziest health but I am trying to find myself now. I am trying i help others as well.

I am, a person who loves to help.