Seeing the good in the not so good times.

Happiness exists, but so does sadness. Why is it that you feel happiness/sadness in tandem? You are either happy then sad, or sad then happy-at least that’s in my case. Since I have gotten older, and I have gotten more in touch with who I am I have become more comfortable with being emotional. I used to apologize for “feeling” now I just feel. I can’t control the feels but I also appreciate that because when I get the feels they are there I don’t have to hide my happiness or my sorrows anymore because I am comfortable in my own skin, finally after 23 years.

I want children, so I can see apart of myself that I have never seen. I want to experience love that I have never had, I want to love like I have never loved. Children are so amazing.

I want all of my people to be happy, healthy, and well taken care of. I can’t go a day without saying or praying that we all are taken care of. I want the best for all of us!

I can’t wait for the day that I’m able to give my mom the break she so desperately needs, she needs to be able to relax and not worry anymore-once I finish school that’s what I’m going to do. As long as I have been alive she has always had me and she has always loved me and taken care of me and I cannot thank anyone but God for her being my mother. She has sacrificed so much for me, and I cannot thank her enough. I cannot thank God enough. I’m so thankful, and my heart is so full of love now that I have accepted my problems and started to get help.

Overall, happiness starts within but it manifests from your surroundings. If you lead with love you will be love, and the same goes if you lead with hate you will be the hate that you give! It doesn’t make much sense now, but it makes a lot of sense. Life is so much better when you slow down and take the time to breathe and take in what’s happening around you.


Xoxo, Kena