I’m back, and here’s a brief update

Depression is a very sensitive topic for anyone to talk about, especially this generation of young adults. Specifically anyone born between (1990-1999) not limited to that group, but we are afraid to talk. We were raised but such strong people that we don’t want to seem the least bit weak by even speaking the word depression and then it consumes us because we just give it energy to feed off of and one thing turns to the next and then there you are thinking about just leaving everything you’ve struggled to get behind because you don’t think you’ll ever get out of the rut that you’re in at least that’s how I felt. I realized I had been depressed for many many many years, and I also realized that I don’t know what life outside of depression looks like-that’s how long I’ve been depressed. I was scared that I’d die having not lived my life.

I’ve been put on a new medicine and it’s working I feel amazing. I thought I’d come on here and update you all.

I said all of that because I don’t like the secrecy associated with depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety. I never had any energy only energy to sleep and sometimes I’d go to sleep not wanting to ever wake up. Crazy-I know. I had a suicide attempt on July 4 of this year (no, I’m not afraid to talk about it.) That’s what made me want to get help. The time is now and we don’t have to divulge on our whole life story but to say the least admitting that you have a problem (depression, anxiety etc.) is the first step to getting help and that’s how i made it to where I am right now.

Don’t be ashamed for feeling however it is that you feel. Know that there are amazing people out there willing to take you under there wing and help you spiritually and mentally. It means so much to have someone that doesn’t know you genuinely start to care about you. I gained so many friends that are actually now considered my family (per my own standards). I am thankful, and with that thanks if I can keep someone from feeling the way that I did, I will!

Remember you are not alone in your struggles no matter what they are, God is amazing and He gave me another chance at life so this time around I’m going to try to help as many people as I can.

Please remember Life gets better with time and help, i promise!


Kenabena ❤️

[if you’re experiencing depression, or anxiety please seek help.]