2019’s plans

  1. Read more books
  2. Be less negative
  3. Organize my life as well as my time more appropriately so that I don’t have too much idle downtime.
  4. Travel more
  5. Worry less
  6. Pray more
  7. Believe in myself.
  8. Support my friends in all of their endeavors.
  9. Save money but don’t go over board trying to do so.
  10. Take better care of my mental health.

  11. Put myself first unlike I have been putting myself last.
  12. Stop procrastinating so much.
  13. Take life one day at a time, and if I don’t finish something in one day don’t let that beat me down.-it’ll get done.
  14. Get back into going to church on the first Sunday of the month each month.
  15. Pray more
  16. Re-dedicate myself to God!

This year will be a better year for me, I’m speaking all the positives into the universe. I have always been so negative about how much goes on in my life bevause well sometimes it’s overwhelming but with time (taking time) and God this year will be better. I was so depressed and down and out in 2018 that year as a whole was an eye opener for me. I learned that when we’re angry we say the most hateful things just as when we’re in a good mood we apologize for the hate that we gave whenever we did.

I don’t believe apologies are real because I feel like whatever is said or done was said or done for a reason a person felt the need to do something and so I didn’t think the apologies we get are even real half of the time. I forgive people for being mean, rude, or hateful just because that is how I am-no apology needed. The main reason that I don’t believe apologies are real is because when a person apologizes they are apologizing for being themselves whether that be hateful or whatever the case and I just don’t believe people hide their hate well enough to apologize for saying or doing something mean.

Outside of seriousness, and onto business this year I am going to do more to make my thoughts become real. I’m going to take things step by step and I will have a business that is doing good by the end of this year! I plan on doing a vision board for this year so that I can plan out my plans for 2019. I’m also going to try to write a new blog every few days, I don’t have a set schedule on the days yet but for now that’s all I have for you all.

I hope everyone had a peaceful, loving, amazing, blessed Christmas and I also wish everyone a Happy New Year!

With love,

Kenabena ❤️


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